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Holistic Beauty cannot exist without working with your internal system. For so many years it was considered a myth that what you ingested had any impact on the condition of your skin. We are so glad those days are over and that the vast majority of the industry now gets it- however, as we all know many people choose to help their appearances before their physical health, with this modality you do not have to decide between the two.

After interviewing and experiencing demos from estheticians and skin care therapists across the city, the Holistic Beauty Expo team name have these lovely ladies as the best of the best in Toronto, each with interesting and innovative modalities to really treat you and your skin.

Jane Nyland- natural skin care therapist using micro current lifting machine for natural face lifting

Mei-Lana- natural skin care therapist using bellaninna facelift massage technique with nourishing face oils

Lady Di- natural beauty and holistic expert using a combo of reiki and facial massage with essential oils

Solange- Holistic estheticians and nutritionist using silk brush lymphatic drainage massage

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